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Quality Process

An overview of the i-Script Quality Assurance Process

Outlined below is an overview of the process followed to ensure quality. While the illustration below does not cover the auditing and retraining we do, it gives a birds-eye view of the quality assurance process.

When an account is setup, Transcriber(s) are allocated for each of the dictating personnel. We try not to change these mappings. This fosters learning as transcribers adapt to individual dictation styles, resulting in near perfect or perfect documents.

Illustration explaining the quality assurance process followed by i-Script Medical Transcription Services
1Physicians/Dictating Personnel dictate documents using the mode of dictation they prefer.
2 When an account is setup initially each of your dictation personnel is mapped to a transcriber in the interest of long term quality and learning.
3Documents transcribed are now checked by senior reviewers consisting of highly experienced transcribers, medical professionals & copy-editors.
4 Documents are then released for delivery to respective Scriptase accounts.