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Medical Transcription Simplified !

In order to provide the best healthcare to your patients, there are a few things, on which you and your staff don't want to (and should not) spend too much time and effort. Medical transcription is one of them. We understand this. This is the reason we have tailored our online medical transcription services to be hassle-free and easy to use.


Phone in your dictations or upload them from a digital recorder.

Sign in into your account the next day.

Download or Print your documents.


Three turnaround time options: 24 Hrs, 8 Hrs and 4 Hrs.

Batch Print or batch Download multiple documents in one go.

Find documents no matter how old in seconds using powerful search functionality.


Pricing starts at 9 cents/line with all standard features FREE.

Costs 50%(approx.) less than In-house transcription.

One of the most cost-efficient solutions in the industry.

As an administrator or a physician, an important challenge you face, is the management of the growing patient healthcare information. This patient documentation is critical and sensitive. Traditional transcription solutions, whether it is an in-house team or a local contractor, only add to the document management overhead. At the same time there is one aspect of medical transcription, that is critical – Quality.

Quality at i-Script is controlled by experienced medical language professionals and a strict quality assurance process.

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Your document management and staff overheads are reduced (and many eliminated) by our free online electronic document management system, Scriptase™ which is both powerful and easy to use. With features that actively reduce your staff and document overheads, in terms of time and expense, we offer a solution that provides you high quality documents on time, every time.

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Apart from the above benefits, your monthly transcription expenses are reduced by a flat low per line price with no other fixed monthly fees or a term contract.

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